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Student Education


PCINE provides a variety of resources for Universities and Colleges.  The resources will assist faculty members in the development of course material for a better hands-on student experience.  PCI’s body of knowledge in precast/prestressed concrete design offers a broader educational experience for engineering and architecture students. The list below describes some of the educational programs in place:

  • Prestress in a box – a collection of resources intended for faculty member that enables them to quickly develop a class in prestressed concrete design.
  • Architectural studios – a program intended for faculty in architecture to expose students to precast/prestressed concrete construction.
  • Big beam competition – a popular engineering student competition that requires students to design, build, and test a prestressed concrete beam in coordination with a faculty member and a prestressed concrete producer.
  • Tours at local precast manufacturing plants.
  • Lectures on precast prestressed concrete to the students by the Regional Chapter.

Schools of Engineering

This lecture has been presented as part of the undergraduate reinforced concrete design class as an introduction to prestressed concrete design. The lecture is usually offered toward the end of a semester. It can also be given as an introduction to the graduate class in prestressed concrete design at the start of a semester. The lecture is approximately one hour in length.
Length: 1.0 Hour

Structural Precast Topics:

  • Basics of Prestressed Concrete Design
  • Fabrication Techniques
  • Installation Techniques
  • Variety of Building Applications
  • Variety of Bridge Applications

Manuals For Your Library:

  • PCI Design Handbook for each Student

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Schools of Architecture

This lecture is usually given to fourth or fifth year students and works particularly well if students are working on a specific building project. The lecture is one to one-and-a-half hours in length.

Examples of a total precast structures from from fabrication to installation will be shown. This will tie both Architectural and Structural systems together for a better understanding of the topic.
Length: 1.0 - 1.5 Hours

Architectural Precast Topics:

  • Overview of color, form and textures
  • Proper detailing requirements
  • Panelization techniques
  • Connection considerations
  • Jointing requirements
  • Specialty topics

Structural Precast Concrete Topics:

  • Fabrication techniques
  • Overview of standard products and applications
  • Integration with architectural precast

Manuals For Your Library:

  • Architectural Precast Manuals for each student

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