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Specification and Guidelines

Bridge Guideline: September 2001

High Performance Concrete for Prestressed Concrete Bridges (220.4mb PDF File)

Guide specification for High Performance Concrete developed by New Hampshire DOT. New Hampshire is the lead state under the Federal Highway demonstration project for HPC in our region. This guideline has been reviewed and approved by the New England Technical committee. Several projects have already used this specification. If a State Standard exists it will take precedence.

Bridge Guideline: October 2001 (Revision Date: July 2002, Nov. 2002, Jan. 2003, October 2012, August 2016)

Bridge Member Repair Guidelines (2.08 MB PDF File)

This report is intended to serve as a guide to identify defects that may occur during the fabrication of bridge elements. The report gives guidance on possible cause and prevention. It will help determine the consequences of the defects and assist in making a judgment as to acceptance/repair or rejection. This report can be utilized by State Inspectors, Designers, Plant Production Managers, Plant Quality Control Inspectors and Plant Engineers.

Bridge Guideline: May 1998

Prestressed Concrete Girder Continuity Connection (380.1kb PDF File)

Guidelines for simple span members made continuous in Multi-span bridges. This specification and its sample details shall be used as a guide when designing for continuity. The PCI New England Technical committee has recommended that strand extensions be used to make the positive moment connection in beams. If a State Standard exists it will take precedence over these guidelines & details.

Bridge Design Manual

Comprehensive Bridge Design

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