Albany College of Pharmacy Lecture Hall

Acclearated Schedule Makes Precast the Logical Choice
The new Student Center at the Albany College of Pharmacy in Albany, New York needed to be constructed on an accelerated schedule. This divisible lecture hall seats a total capacity of over 500 students (250 students per side). The decision to use precast concrete was based on the compressed schedule, quality requirements and the project budget. The lecture hall seating is radial and is located above a dining hall, making precast concrete the more effective construction method.

The design required one-hundred unique precast concrete pieces to complete the project. The seating comprised eighty-eight radial units and the stairs consisted of twelve units.

All of the precast concrete units were supported on bolsters welded to the steel framework.

Project Details






Albany College of Pharmacy, Albany, NY


Envision Architects, P.C.


Ryan-Biggs Associates, P.C.

Construction Manager:

Sano-Rubin Construction Co., Inc.
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