Route 230 Bridge over Sparkill Creek

This rural bridge carrying Route 340 over Sparkill Creek in Orangetown, New York replaced a two-span brick masonry arch bridge built on this site in 1876 that washed out during the 1999 hurricane. New York State Department of Transportation designers specified a rigid frame structure with an arched geometry. This concept improved the waterway opening while maintaining the existing roadway profile. Town officials worked with the designers to select the stone shape and size to match the stonework on the historic church seen in the background.

The arch was achieved in a specially designed form. The precast concrete rigid frame spanned 30' with a rise of 8' and was fabricated to accommodate a 24° skew. The structure was supported on a precast concrete invert slab and was complemented by precast cantilevered wingwalls. The end of the rigid frame structure and the face of the wingwall units were fabricated with appropriate masonry slots to anchor the stone to the structure.

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New York State Department of Transportation


New York State Department of Transportation


Harrison & Burrowes Bridge Constructors, Inc.


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