Parametric Technologies Headquarters Parking Garage

Project Statistics: 5 Total Levels of Parking for 1,128 Cars.

Number and Dimensions of Precast Concrete: Structure is 240'x300' with 60' Wide Bays and Exterior Moment Resisting Frames.

Notable Features: Structure's architectural features had to match office campus buildings. All campus buildings were brick with cast stone accent banding. Custom architectural face mixes were used on our load bearing elements with dovetail cast in our products to receive full size hand set brick in the field. Sequencing of Parking Structure construction was integrated with the construction of 4 other campus buildings and allowed mason to start laying brick on the Parking Structure only 4 weeks after our installation started.

Explanation of Needs and Client Benefits: Structure had to built fast track while 4 office buildings were built simutaneously on a very small site. Site logistics and trade coordination demanded meeting ALL CRITICAL PROJECT MILESTONES with no delays. Project was completed on time and will allow the owner to consolidate corporate operations from three separate office campus' to one integrated corporate campus.

Miscellaneous: A combination of exterior and interior lateral moment resisting frames were used by incorporation of lateral resisting elements into the architectural facade of the structure.

Project Details






Boston Properties


Tsoi/Kobus & Associates


John Moriarty & Associates, Inc


5, (1,128 Cars)


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