Reebok World Headquarters Parking Garage

Description/Use: Two (2) 750 Car Parking Structures for Reebok's new World Headquarters Campus in Canton, Massachusetts.

Number and Dimensions of Precast Concrete: The East Structure is 180'x334' with 60' Wide Bays and The West Structure is 120'x500' with 60' Wide Bays.

Notable Features: Both Structures were built using standard lateral bracing elements and shearwalls. Architectural details and exterior panels were made with architectural face mix to be similar to new Campus Headquarters structure.

Explanation of Needs and Client Benefits: Originally design was a post tensioned concrete structure. Owner's budget could not afford the cost and schedule associated with this type of construction. The use of Precast Concrete Construction saved the owner $1,000,000.00 on the cost of his parking structures plus allowed construction of parking structure elements through the winter without adversly effecting the structural integrity of the concrete structure.

Structured parking allowed the owner to provide his employees with a running track, soccer field, baseball field, and other landscaping ammenities. Reebok is a manufacturer of athletic shoes with an very active and energetic corporate staff and culture. Structured parking affords Reebok the opportunity to maximize their greenspace, be enviornmentally friendly by allowing water to not run-off on pavement and provide a pleasant work enviorment for their employees.

Project Details








NBBJ Architects


Turner Construction


4 level (750 car), two garages

Structural Precast Elements:

• Shearwalls
• Double Tees


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