Necco Street

This Structure was built using the exterior architectural walls as the lateral resting frames for the structure. By incorporating the structural bracing requirements for the lateral stability of the structure into the exterior walls and stair towers designers were able to keep the inside of the structure open. All exterior precast elements were cast using a white custom face mix with incorporated red granite aggregate to provide architectural compatibility with the surrounding historic leather district buildings.

This Structure was originally designed to receive a natural brick cladding after the precast was installed. The client did not have the budget that would allow him to put a hand set masonry brick skin on the parking structure for an additional two thousand dollars ($2,000) per parking space. The solution the Northeast Concrete Products and the design team offered was the use of imported red granite aggregate with an exposed aggregate panel finish to be similar in quality to the surrounding buildings. The owner and local planning board liked what they saw and the budget problem was solved.

Project Details


South Boston




Jung/Brennan & Associates, Inc.


Weidlinger Associates


Bovis Lend Lease




red granite aggregate


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