State University of New York Adm. Parking Structure

The client is the State University of New York Construction Fund; the new precast concrete parking structure serves the employees and visiting public at the State University of New York System Administration Building. The 1900 gothic revival landmark was erected by the once prominent D & H Rail Road Company in the heart of downtown Albany. The new parking structure presents a significant and large first face to the Albany skyline.

The design places the building on a base of flat arches, empathizing with the System Administration building. The corners of the building are anchored by solid precast concrete stairwell masses. The top deck floats above the facade reminiscent of a cornice supported by stepping columns. The second through forth levels are enclosed by elegantly masonry terra cotta.

The choice to use precast concrete was made for its architectural presence and its proven efficiency and economy through construction.

The architectural goal of this project was to compliment its distinguished historical urban neighborhoods clad in limestone, marble and granite. Precast concrete was the right decision as it too communicates a sense of permanence and stability. The ability of the precast concrete to be shaped into expressive forms proved to be a winning factor in conveying the design molded into arches and oculus.

Manufacturing of precast concrete units off site and parallel to site excavation and foundation work meet the challenge of an aggressive construction schedule. The cost effectiveness of precast concrete functioning as both structural members and the architectural finish allowed the project to remain fiscally responsible.

With the architectural and construction versatility, precast concrete became the overwhelmingly logical choice.

Project Details








State University of New York, Albany, NY


Ryan-Briggs Associates, Troy, NY


U.W. Marx, Troy, NY

Sq. Footage:

255,000 total sf



Structural Precast Elements:

• 1600 precast pieces
• 300' x 170', 60' tall


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