Route 7

Vermont Route 7 is carried over the Walloomsac River by this historic through-girder bridge built in 1936. The original structure was preserved and restored to a live load rating of HS 20-44 by using lightweight Effideck™ units. The deck was replaced in two brief stages, minimizing traffic disruption, on this important Vermont highway through the City of Bennington, Vermont.

The Effideck™ System was chosen because it could be bolted to the original steel superstructure achieving full composite properties in the process. The use of precast Effideck™ units minimized the possibility of deck cracking of the newly placed concrete deck due to live load from adjacent traffic. This is an excellent example of how new precast products can be used to preserve our treasured historic bridges.

Project Details






Vermont Agency of Transportation


Greenman Pederson, Inc.


Kubricky Construction Corp.
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