Mott Haven Substation

Mott Haven electric substation located in a dense urban section of the Bronx, New York was built on a very tight schedule. The four-story, 125,000 square foot all-precast concrete structure features a combination of precast concrete structural and architectural elements. The buildings overall architectural design was developed to visually downsize its massive size and present a believable residential presence such as a classic New York City rowhouse street.

The building is clad with precast concrete panels, which were insulated with 2-in. of insulation where they are adjacent to interior working spaces. Inside, the facility contains transformer vaults (with high precast concrete screen walls), offices and industrial space. Outside, perimeter fencing features a precast concrete base, and a 1000-gal storm-water retention tank was constructed with precast concrete components.

The company chose precast concrete components for a variety of reasons explains Michael Corcoran, senior architect for Con Edison. “Speed of construction was the most significant factor in deciding to use total precast concrete construction. It allowed the construction team to maintain a tight schedule by paralleling the fabrication of precast elements with the excavation and construction of the cast-in-place cellar and foundation. The precast system also eased sequencing challenges, allowing intensive equipment installations to begin while other portions of the building were still being erected. Fire separations and durability also favored the precast option, and combined with Con Edison’s past experience with the material in a smaller substation in Westchester, New York, it was an easy decision" he stated.

Project Details









Subcontracting Precaster:

David Kucera (GFRC producer)


Con Edison Co. of New York, New York, NY


The Switzer Group Inc., New York, NY


LEAP Associations International Inc., Tampa, FL (Precast Concrete Specialty Engineer)


D’Onofrio General Contractors Corp, Brooklyn, NY

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Structural Precast Elements:

• 1,150 pieces of precast concrete, including wall panels, prestressed double tees, beams, columns, and fence posts.


2008 PCI Design Award for Best Manufacturing Facility


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