Yankees Parking Garages

We all know that teamwork defines sports, but at the new Yankee Stadium, teamwork has gone beyond the baseball team. The award winning parking solutions for Yankee Stadium is the result of teamwork that starts at the design phase of the project. Three separate parking structures have been added to accommodate Yankee fans, but one, Ruppert Plaza Garage, clearly stands out, or more accurately hides beneath a magnificent 7 acre rooftop park.

The first time to bat isn’t necessarily a home run, this project was visualized as a steel framed structure, but according to Michael L. Nelson, AIA from Clark Caton Hintz, the projects architect, “the design-build team’s value engineering process showed that a superior, cost-effective building could be achieved with precast concrete.” Precast concrete has a distinguished score card of superior quality that includes: quick and economical construction, superior durability, long life, and reduced maintenance costs.

The inherent strength of precast concrete enabled the rooftop park to become a reality. Unistress, the projects precaster, delivered 1,352 precast pieces to build the 3 level, 1,580 parking space garage, creating an amazing 7 acres of rooftop that was turned into the Macombs Dam Park. The park provides a truly magnificent urban recreation area that encourages all manner of activity, including: a regulation size football/soccer field, a competition quality track, four baseball courts, eight handball courts and a 600 seat bleacher. At the south end lies a fitness area with misting stations, drinking fountains, and restrooms. Complete the scene with grassy hills and shade trees and you can forget you are on top of a garage surrounded by busy New York traffic with the Macomb’s Dam Viaduct Bridge on the west side.

The rooftop park and recreation facility was challenging as it had to accommodate loads of 36 to 42 inches of soil for trees, drainage and a special membrane to protect the concrete and parking garage from moisture. Brian Davis, ASLA with Jeffery L. Bruce & Company, were the experts consulting on this rooftop project. According to Davis, the precast concrete helped the accelerated project to meet the opening of the New Yankee Stadium. Davis praised precast concrete saying it made “the rooftop deck construction easier in our view.”

Even the planters around the parameter of the park are precast concrete camouflaging the fact that they are a protective barrier that guards against the busy traffic beyond. The park and its landscaping makes the entry to Yankee Stadium even more inviting and soon baseball fields will adorn the area where the old stadium stood.

Nothing beats the good feelings of an award winning team... but award winning buildings are a close second. Simply put, The Real Estate and Construction Review noted: "After reviewing project submissions on hundreds of terrific new construction and renovation projects, Yankee Stadium Redevelopment Project — Parking Structures was rated as one of the most imaginative, unique, innovative and dynamic projects in the New York/Philadelphia area, thereby winning the "Building of America" Award."

Project Details








Capital Projects city of NY Parks & Recreation, New York, NY


Clark Caton Hintz, Trenton, NJ


FST Entineers, Inc., New York, NY

Preecast Specialty Engineer:

Hoch Associates, Fort Wayne, IN


Prismatic Development Hunter Roberts Construction Group, JV, New York, NY


Ruppert Plaza Garage: 1,580 spaces
164th Street Garage: 630 spaces
161st Street Garage: 930 spaces

Structural Precast Elements:

1,352 precast pieces


Ruppert Plaza Garage:
2012 PCI Design Award – Parking Structure: 1,000+ Cars


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