Lake Major Water Treatment Plant

An integrated precast/prestressed concrete building system was used to construct this state-of-the-art water treatment plant. The construction was similar to that of the HRM Pockwock Treatment Facility which was built some 25 years earlier. The excelent performance of the precast concrete structure to the high humidity and water treatment process was the major factor that led to the use of precast concrete for the construction of the Lake Major Water Treatment Plant. The new plant was built of precast/prestressed concrete double tee roof and floor systems, beams, columns and load bearing StresWall insulated wall panels.

The finish of the StresWall insulated wall panels was a gray vertical rib on the exterior with a smooth steel form finish on the interior for easy cleaning.

The holding tank was buried below grade and it's roof was constructed with precast/prestressed concrete double tees. The installation of the precast/prestressed components took approximately six weeks.

Project Details

Total Precast Systems:





Nova Scotia




WHW Architects Inc., Halifax, Nova Scotia


ARC/Architectural Resources Cambridge

Construction Manager:

Walter Construction (Canada) Ltd., Halifax, Nova Scotia


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