Route 31 Retaining Wall

This aesthetically pleasing retaining wall along New Jersey’s Route 31 near Clinton, New Jersey exemplifies how standard economical precast concrete T-Wall® units can be custom fabricated to blend in with the surrounding environment. A unique form liner was used to create the stone texture shown above. The contractor hand-stained the wall to make it look like natural stone. The precast concrete T-Wall®system was a very cost-effective solution for this wall application.

As shown in the main photo, the functional highway barrier at the base of the wall and coping at the top of the wall provide very pleasing borders. The coping also serves as a structural element to which fence posts are anchored as shown above. The three walls on the project total over 30,000 sf.

Project Details






New Jersey Department of Transportation


Goodkind & O'Dea, Inc.


A. Servidone Inc.
B. Anthony Construction Corp., JV
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