Bronx River Parkway Bridges

Two Bronx River Parkway Bridges Widened in Three Months
Westchester County, New York initiated a project to reconstruct the Bronx River Parkway from Cemetery Road to Lafayette Avenue. The project consisted of widening the highway and two existing bridges by approximately twenty feet. Montesano Brothers Construction working with Dailey Precast value engineered the CIP footings, abutments, wing walls to a precast system. Precast, prestressed deck slabs were already part of the originally design. Considerable time was spent coordinating with the County, Engineer and Precaster to solve the design, fit, size, handling and shipping issues required to meet the objective.

One bridge consisted of fifteen precast pieces while the other thirteen pieces. Each bridge took one day to set footings, one day to set abutments and wing walls and one half day to set deck slabs. The contractor had to complete the CIP joint and grouting requirements between and after settings along with the post tensioning of deck beams. No storage yard was required as precast was delivered on a predetermined schedule.

Bridge # 1 - Excavation of Abutment the week of 8/18/2008.
Bridge # 1 – Footings, Abutments and Wing Walls installed 8/28 & 8/29/2008.
Bridge # 2 - Excavation of Abutment the week of 9/8/2008.
Bridge # 2 – Footings, Abutments and Wing Walls installed 9/18 & 9/19/2008.
Bridge # 1 & 2 - Deck Slabs (5 each) installed 11/12/2008.
Bridge # 1 & 2 – Pavement installed week of 12/10/2008.
Bridge # 1 & 2 Guardrail Installed week of 12/19/2008.

The original bridges were 45'- 2" wide with a span of 26'- 4".
Each bridge was widened by 20'- 6".

Project Details


Westchester County






Dailey Precast, LLC., Shaftsbury, VT


Westchester County Dept. of Public Works, White Plains, NY


Berger, Lehman Associates, PC, Rye, NY


Montesano Brothers Inc., New Rochelle, NY

Structural Precast Elements:

• Precast, prestressed deck slabs
• Precast, prestressed wing walls
• Precast, prestressed abutments


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