Route 112 (Dingle Road) Bridge over Kearney Brook

First Curved Flange Precast NEXT Beam Build Bridge in 60 Days
Route 112, in Worthington, MA needed a new bridge over the Kearney Brook. The use of all precast elements and NEXT Beams greatly reduced the required labor on site. This efficiency allowed for the construction of the bridge to be completed in just 60 days. NEXT Beam bridge design is proving to be an expedient and cost efficient way to build bridges throughout the New England area where it was developed.

The new Kearney Brook Bridge is a 64ft. 6in. long, 30ft. wide, 2-lane bridge. One of the key features of a NEXT Beam is the ability to match the required geometry of the site. The Kearney Brook Bridge is on a roadway that is curved and the brook crosses the roadway at a skew angle of 30 degrees. The precast NEXT Beams were fabricated with skewed ends and a gentle curve on the overhang façade to match the roadway geometry. The result is a bridge that flows with the approach roadway.

According to the engineer Mike Culmo of CME Associates, East Hartford, CT, one of the most time consuming parts of the construction of this bridge was “demolition and capping of the existing abutments that are to remained in place after partial demolition. They are spending more time on that than the new abutments.”

The Dailey Precast, LLC plant manufactured a total of 30 precast concrete pieces including the three 32ft. NEXT Beams. NEXT Beam bridge design combined with precast substructure elements is a system that allowed much of the work to be done at the Dailey Precast, LLC plant in Shaftsbury, VT and shipped to the site for assembly. While the beams and slabs were being made at the plant, the removal of the old bridge and site preparation work was being completed. Cast-in-place concrete was used for the concrete deck and curtain walls. The construction was completed as promised in 60 days and the Kearney Brook now has a beautiful bridge that will require little maintenance over the next 75 to 100 years.

Project Details






Dailey Precast, LLC, Shaftsbury, VT


Massachusetts Department of Transportation


CME Associates, Inc., East Hartford, CT


J.H. Maxymillian, Inc., Pittsfield, MA

Structural Precast Elements:

• 32 New England Extreme Tee (NEXT) F Beams.
• Additional precast concrete components, comprising 8 footings, 6 abutment walls, 4 wing walls, 4 guardrail transition bases, and 8 approach slabs.

Total Length:

• 64 feet, 6 inches with skewed ends.


Precast Erection Date: Bridge closed May 11, 2012 and precast delivered In phases from May 21 to June 12 (total 10 days)
Estimate Completion Date: Opened to traffic July 10, 2012


2013 PCI Design Award – Best Total Precast Concrete Bridge


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