Bristol Recreation Center

The new Recreation Center in Bristol, Connecticut, features a hybrid steel and precast concrete design that takes advantage of precast concrete’s structural and architectural benefits. The new 40,000 square-foot center features a variety of amenities, including a gymnasium and embedded designs for the Boys and Girls Club.

The structural framing consists of a typical two-story steel structure with masonry, along with an architectural precast concrete entrance, self-supporting exterior stair tower and gymnasium. Both the stair tower and the gym features load-bearing, insulated precast concrete vertical walls extending to the footings.

The gymnasium walls run parallel to the recreation center and feature architectural features that continue inside the building. The panels were cast with a variety of colors of embedded thin brick to visually interrupt the large wall areas of the gym and complement the surrounding neighborhood buildings.

A unique feature was the casting of various panels with the Boys and Girls Club logo and a preamble, which were erected at the entrance lobby welcoming visitors.

The precast concrete load-bearing walls were installed and braced, with the steel roof trusses bearing on a continuous shelf provided at the notched backside of the panels. The panels’ insulation extends to the roof insulation, creating a completely thermally efficient envelope. The trusses span 95 feet.

Once the steel roof was installed, the temporary braces were removed, and the floor slab was poured. This allowed the slab to be poured under dry, controlled conditions.

The result is an aesthetically pleasing, personalized space that will hold up to the activities of the local children for many years to come.

Coreslab Structures Inc. fabricated all of the precast concrete components.

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Boys and Girls Club and Family Center, Bristol, CT


Amara Associates, LLC, Middlebury, CT


O&G Industries Inc. / S. Carpenter Companies JV, Bristol, CT

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Architectural Precast Elements:

• Two-story, 40,000-square-foot facility.
• Architectural precast concrete entry.
• Precast concrete self-supporting stair tower.
• Precast concrete load-bearing architectural wall panels.
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