Great Barrington Fire Station

The town of Great Barrington needed to replace their dilapidated, century old fire house. In contrast to the six year debate over seven different sites, the precast concrete wall panels that clad the new Fire Station were erected in just one week.

The precast panels vary in width from 1’-11” on the front to 11’ on surrounding sides and up to 36 feet in height. Load bearing panels encapsulated 4 inches of XPS insulation to provide an R value of 20. Panels were designed with 100% composite action using carbon fiber truss technology used for shear connectors between the inner and outer wythes of concrete. The C-Grid Carbon Fiber grid is a non-thermal conducting material to further reduce heat loss and increase R-value.

Oldcastle Precast Building Systems embedded several colors of thin brick during the manufacturing of the 66 insulated wall panels. The brick pattern was selected to blend with the town’s historic flavor which dates back to the early 1700’s.

Insulated precast concrete wall panels enclose the Great Barrington Fire Station in southwest corner of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. The exterior finish was thin brick in several colors, and included special recesses for exterior lighting.

Project Details


Great Barrington






Town of Great Barrington, Great Barrington, MA


Clark & Green Architecture, Great Barrington, MA


Schafer Engineering Associates, Schenectady, NY


Fontaine Brothers, Inc., Springfield, MA

Structural Precast Elements:

• 66 insulated wall panels


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