Hyatt Place Hotel Portland

The new 130-room Hyatt Place Portland-Old Port in Portland, Maine, Hyatt's first hotel in Maine, was developed following a three-year study of the neighborhood that revealed a need for more hotel services in the area, according to local reports.

The $14-million project, rising on a former parking lot, features hollowcore planks for the combined flooring/ceiling element on the second through seventh floors and for the roof. The hollowcore connects to the building's steel framing using a patented girder design.

The girders, called the Girder-Slab System, allow the framing to be installed and then have hollowcore planks connected into them using a patented D-Beam shaped girder. The planks have notches cut into them that allow them to be sealed to the girders with grout quickly and securely.

The combined hollowcore and Girder-Slab System created a fast construction schedule. Work was speeded further by combining the ceiling and flooring elements into one unit with the hollowcore planks. The hotel is planned to open in the summer of 2014.

Project Details








Cow Plaza Hotel LLC, Portland, ME


Canal 5 Studio, Portland, ME


Consigli Construction Co., Portland, ME

Structural Precast Elements:

82,900 square feet of elematic hollowcore planks.


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