Titus Road Bridge

Hurricane Irene hit the East Coast of the United States late last August it hit the upper North East and traveled inland before it said goodbye. The storm dropped 11 inches of rain in Vermont and 13 inches in New York and the real damage for those states occurred after the storm when the over loaded rivers and streams raged. The Governor of Vermont called it the worst flooding in a century.

As a result of Hurricane Irene’s flooding damage and destruction of numerous bridges, precast concrete was used in the construction of several replacement bridges.

The Titus Road Bridge in Moriah, New York, was one of the precast concrete replacement bridges produced using the new Northeast Extreme Tee Beam (NEXT). This fast track bridge system has reduced construction time thus saving money and is currently being used for short to moderate span bridges. Dailey Precast, LLC of Shaftsbury, Vermont was the precast concrete producer who manufactured and erected the replacement bridge. The NEXT Beams used were 7ft wide and 76ft long with integral 1ft-6in thick backwalls at 14º skews. The beams were cast with and 8in turf drag finished drive-on deck.

Project Details








Essex County NY, Elizabethtown, NY


Schoder Rivers Associates, Queensbury, NY


Tioga Construction Co., Inc., Herkimer, NY

Precast Engineer:

Hoyle, Tanner & Associates, Inc., Burlington, VT

Structural Precast Elements:

• Overall finished width: 30'- 0", 27'-0" inside guardrails
• NEXT 32D Beams 7'- 0" W x 76’-0” L with
integral 1’- 6” thick Backwalls at 14° skews
• Beams are cast with an 8” thick turf drag finish drive-on deck


Beams Erected Date: April 19, 2012
Estimate Completion Date: Spring 2012


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