Veterans Memorial Bridge

As if October 1st all is on schedule with daily deliveries of precast concrete segments. To date Unistress has delivered about 83% of the bridge segments. Delivery should be completed by the middle of November.


As of June 1st all is on schedule with daily deliveries of precast concrete segments and significant progress has been made on the Veterans Memorial Bridge with the first overlook of the pier table being erected at pier 4. Also spans 6 & 7 are fully erected and half of span 5 is erected.


As of June 1st all is on schedule with daily deliveries of precast concrete segments and significant progress has been made on the Veterans Memorial Bridge with 42 of the 361 total segments being erected. These 42 segments make up the full cantilever at Pier 6W and half of the cantilever at Pier 6E.

Unistress Corporation began the delivery of the precast concrete segments for the Veterans Memorial Bridge as scheduled at the end of April 2011 and without any setbacks. Construction crews successfully unloaded the massive precast concrete segments from the delivery trailers to a temporary segment storage area at the job site, awaiting installation.

Erection of the first precast segment on Pier 6E (on the Portland side) was completed on May 9. Delivery and installation will continue through the summer and fall of 2011 until all of the 361 custom built precast concrete segments have been erected.

Casting has already begun at Unistress Corporation, the precast manufacturer for the Veterans Memorial Bridge replacement project over the Fore River in Maine. The existing bridge was built in 1954 to connect Portland’s west end to South Portland and now at the end of its life cycle, it carries over 22,000 vehicles a day. The new bridge is designed to last twice as long and will allow multiple forms of transportation.

This design/build project incorporates bicycle and pedestrian paths as well as honoring Maine’s veterans with memorials on both sides. Input from various groups from veterans to bicyclists and neighbors have resulted in a spectacular landmark will also be a gateway into Portland.

The new bridge is a 1,600 foot long, 40-foot wide, twin box design that will consist of five 250-foot spans and two 180+ foot end spans with a total of 361 precast segments and even accommodates a 12 foot bicycle/pedestrian path that connects to the existing Fore River Parkway Trail system.

Built in the same area, the new bridge will be at a slightly different angle and is slated for completion in 2012, in the meantime, the old bridge will remain in use to minimize traffic disruptions.

Project Manager, Steve Cote from Unistress, reveals the importance of bringing the design/build team in early on, by explaining that the “the designer based all the geometry of the segments off the Route 36 segmental project”, which allowed us to reuse existing forms. This in turn saved money on the project as well as time. The anticipated bridge completion date is Summer 2012.

When this project is complete, Portland Maine will have an impressive landmark bridge that will enhance traffic flow, inspire visitors, and honor veterans for at least the next 100 years.

This bridge has a vision, and a vision statement which appropriately sums up the importance of this project. “The Veterans Memorial Bridge is a gateway into Portland’s urban environment, celebrating the natural environment, neighborhoods and commerce, our veterans, and the rich cultural heritage of our city. The bridge is a multimodal landmark where design, structure, lighting, landscape and journey coalesce to reflect the values of the city of Portland.” --Maine Department of Transportation

Project Details






Unistress Corp.. Pittsfield, MA


Maine DOT, Portland, ME


T.Y. Lin International, Falmouth, ME


Reed & Reed, Woolwich, ME

Total Length:

1600 feet

Structural Precast Elements:

• Twin Box approximately 40 feet wide
• Five 250-foot spans, two 180-foot end spans
• Two 180+ foot end spans
• 12-foot-wide bicycle/pedestrian bridge pathway (connects to existing Fore River Parkway Trail system)
• 361 precast concrete segmental units


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