Route 7 Crosstown Plaza

The New York State Department of Transportation used precast pavement slabs (Super-Slab®) to “invisibly replace” the busiest parts of this all new concrete intersection between Route 7 Crosstown and Watt Street in Schenectady, New York, to allow unrestricted use of the entire intersection during hours of heavy traffic. The geometry of the new roadway surface, visible in the photo above, combined with the skew of the intersecting roadways and the low-hanging traffic signals made fabrication and installation of the slabs challenging. A total of 158 slabs (26,710 SF) were installed in eighteen nights. The entire intersection was opened to traffic after each night of installation. This project received the American Concrete Pavement Association (ACPA) ”Excellence in Concrete Pavement” 2007 Award for Municipal Streets and Intersections.

During each overnight closure, the roadway was undercut 1ft, and backfilled with new subgrade material before the new slabs were placed.

The contractor used special low-clearance cranes to place the slabs directly under the traffic signals.

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New York State Department of Transportation, Region 1


New York State Department of Transportation, Main Office Design


Callanan Industries, Inc.
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