A total of 378 precast concrete slabs, were placed on this two mile rehabilitation project on I-90 in Albany, New York in 47 night closures. A value engineering proposal utilizing the Super-Slab® System, initiated by the contractor, resulted in the repairs being made in about half the time when compared to the specified rapid set concrete method. The entire six-lane highway was open during the hours of heavy traffic volume—every day.

Specialized grading equipment, was used to provide an accurate sub-grade surface. This facilitated rapid slab placement and allowed opening the slabs to traffic before they were grouted, enabling the contractor to use the entire work window for slab replacement work. After all of the repairs were made the pavement was asphalt overlayed.

Project Details






New York State Department of Transportation, Region 1


New York State Department of Transportation, Region 1


Fahs Rolston Paving Corporation

Structural Precast Elements:

• 378 precast concrete slabs
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