Memorial Bridge (Kittery Approach)

NEXT Beam Assists in Accelerated Construction on Memorial Bridge Approach
The Memorial Bridge over the Piscataqua River in Portsmouth, ME is long overdue for replacement. Opening in 1923 the vertical lift bridge was considered state of the art. Now however, after serving this community diligently it is time to replace the now ailing bridge.

The replacement bridge maintains the historic feel of the old bridge keeping the vertical lift and steel but the Kittery approach uses the newly developed Northeast Extreme Beam (NEXT Beam) which is fast becoming a standard for bridges in the Northeast. James Fisher of HNTB Companies, Boston, is the Architect/Engineer on the project and claims “the project schedule called for accelerated construction” and “only NEXT D and NEXT F beams were considered.” He added that “the NEXT Beams offered an additional advantage of reduced form work” as well as a time savings. In this instance the bid chosen was slightly higher, but the shorter construction time due to using precast concrete added value that could not be overlooked.

The new Memorial Bridge is not only pays homage to the previous bridge design but with an anticipated lifespan of 100 years, it continues the legacy of honoring sailors and soldiers from War I and connecting communities.

Project Details






Dailey Precast, LLC, Shaftsbury, VT


New Hampshire Department of Transportation, Concord, NH


The HNTB Companies, Boston, MA

Precast Engineer:

Calderwood Engineering, Richmond, ME


Archer Western Contractors, LLC, Canton, MA

Project Details:

LENGTH - 287’-7½” long x 47’-3” wide, consisting of (5) spans.
Span 1 - 45’-0”
Spans 2 thru 4 - 61’-0” each
Span 5 - 59’-7½”. LANES - (2) 16’-0” travel lanes, (2) 6’-0” sidewalks.

Structural Precast Elements:

(Type and/or Quantity)
Span 1 - (5) 28F NEXT Beams x 9’-5” wide x 45’-3½” long.
Span 2 - (5) 28F NEXT Beams x 9’-5” wide x 59’-11” long.
Span 3 - (5) 28F NEXT Beams x 9’-5” wide x 59’-11” long.
Span 4 - (5) 28F NEXT Beams x 9’-5” wide x 59’-11” long.
Span 5 - (5) 28F NEXT Beams x 9’-5” wide x 59’-11” long.

(4) Pier Caps x 4’-6” wide x 47’-3” long x 3’-11” ave. height (contoured to road pitch).

Special Features:

Pier Caps outfitted with Splice Sleeve grout connectors to fit onto columns projecting dowels.,br />


Precast Erection Start - 10/19/12 Precast Erection Complete - 11/26/12


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