Logan International Airport Parking Structure - Economy Lot

2,920 Parking Spaces, On Time and Within Budget!

Logan Airport Economy Parking Garage, Boston, MA is up and running. Camille Bechara, P.E. with Parsons Brinckerhoff the projects architect and engineer, the garage “was completed on time and on budget based on a very aggressive schedule at a difficult and challenging site.”

Breaking ground in July of 2010 the garage was ready for partial use by November and totally opened in December 2010. Thanks to precast with its rapid construction time and ability to quickly adjust when the plan changed and an additional floor was added, the 6 month project resulted in 2,920 additional parking spaces with minimal traffic delays. Travelers can now enjoy the additional parking and the fact that construction is done and all roads are open.

Low cost parking is in great demand at the Logan Airport in East Boston, MA. After looking at the numbers, 7,500 travelers parked in the economy parking lot in June 2010, doubled that of June 2009.

One of the greatest kudo’s in any business is being called back into service because you did such an outstanding job the first time. The team that pulled off the award winning Logan International Airport Central Parking Garage Expansion, which added 2,900 spaces while keeping the existing parking structure open was called back to repeat the effort on the economy parking structure that is located a little farther on the airport.

Original plans were in place for adding 1,937 new parking spaces and later revised to add another 983 spaces, bringing the total to 2,920. The total supported structured area will be 585,763 sq.ft. The revised plan eliminated a precast framed stair tower replacing it with a fifth precast straight run stair as well as a precast framed, double bank elevator tower.

Scheduling can be challenging during normal construction but doubling the size of a project is asking for problems. But according to Principal-in-Charge Camille Bechara, P.E. with Parsons Brinckerhoff in Boston, “The use of precast concrete made this change efficient and possible to meet the schedule.”

The design development began in March 2010 with fabrication beginning in April. The marvelous part of precast is that even with changes, the erection is on schedule to be completed in October 2010. 1,423 precast components were designed, manufactured, delivered and erected by Blakeslee Prestress, Inc. in a time span of 7 months.

The traffic pattern will remain the same for customers arriving, leaving and paying for parking at the facility. The structure is designed to accommodate airport shuttle buses by allowing them to pass through the garage, under the elevated parking. This planning allows for an improved traffic flow for the buses, and is ultimately safer and more convenient for the customers using the system.

Travelers won’t have to wait much longer for the additional economy parking. Erection started in July 2010 and will be completed in October of this year. The spaces will be available in 3 phases; the first 1,000 will be ready November 2nd, the second 1,000 December 1st, and the remaining 920 by the end of this year.

When you need a parking structure fast, precast concrete is the solution of choice.

Project Details


East Boston








Massachusetts Port Authority, East Boston, MA


Parsons Brinkerhoff, Boston, MA


Parsons Brinkerhoff, Boston, MA


Turner Construction Company, Boston, MA (Construction Mngr)

Sq. Footage:

Approx. 291,677 sf


5, Approx. 1,937 total spaces

Structural Precast Elements:

Total 778 pieces including:
• Double tees 410
• Girders 104
• Columns 148
• Spandrels 59
• Stairs 10
• Slabs 20
• Wall Panels 27


Blakeslee Prestress, Inc., Branford, CT


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