Ellsworth Commons

GlobalFoundries is in the final stages of building its state of the art facility and is transforming an entire town in order to accommodate the facilities new workforce and ancillary companies that will add even more workers. Ellsworth Commons with four multiuse buildings is one of the biggest changes coming to Malta.

AP Construction, LLC, Malta, NY, the project owner and contractor, had the vision to see how a major fabrication plant would effect the surrounding area and began planning. Now done with the complicated design phase, construction is well underway for Ellsworth Commons. The approximately 10 acres will have four buildings consisting of 312 luxury apartments, 22 townhomes and 70,000 sq. ft. of retail space. This kind of multi-use development is new for the area. It has an urban feeling in that it offers residents the ability to shop or dine within walking distance. This project will serve as a model for future developments that want to encourage pedestrian interactivity with the surrounding businesses rather than the endless driving that’s required in most suburbs.

Hybrid Building System
The four buildings use a hybrid system called a transfer deck that allows two building systems to be combined in construction of the final structure. In this project, the retail and commercial space on the first floor is a precast concrete system with hollowcore plank ceilings, and the residential floors above that ceiling are a wood system. The precast concrete 12” hollowcore planks have a load bearing capacity of 300 psf, more than enough to support three or four residential floors. These sturdy hollowcore planks also create large unobstructed open areas with fewer columns in the retail spaces while offering superior sound dampening between retail and residential.

Nesil Normile from Oldcastle Precast Building Systems, Selkirk, NY, the precaster for this project explained that “the new IBC code now allows for multiple level wood structures and it is important to recognize how easily precast concrete can integrate with and enhance wood systems.” Using these two systems together resolved the owners major concern regarding the separation between retail and residential units as well as separation between the parking area and residential units.

Fire, Safety and Speed
With precast concrete, you also get superior fire protection. Ken Siconolfi of AP Construction explains that “having only one material which would supply three-hour fire rating was critical.” Other options under consideration used different components with additional material to reach the three-hour fire rating. Siconolfi sums it up, “one shot assembly… and you are done”.

Now more then ever, time is money and precast concrete expedites the construction process making the most productive use of time. While the foundation is being prepared, the 209 precast concrete pieces are being cast indoors eliminating weather delays. The precast concrete pieces erect and assemble quickly and efficiently almost like giant building blocks. Precast concrete erection for four buildings is expected to be complete in approximately two months and then the remaining wood construction can get underway.

GlobalFoundries is expecting to be operational sometime in 2012 and the first residential/retail building at Ellsworth Commons should be completed and occupied in April, 2011. New residents and workers will appreciate the well thought out community only two miles from GlobalFoundries and the rapid construction system that lets them be the first to take advantage of this new exciting community and its friendly lifestyle.

Project Details








AP Construction, LLC, Malta, NY


Humphreys & Partners Architects, L.P., Dallas, TX


MRH Engineering PC, Clifton Park, NY


AP Construction, LLC, Malta, NY

Sq. Footage:

4 buildings


3 or 4 floors

Structural Precast Elements:

Precast floor system to be designed having 300PSF at the 2nd floor transfer deck.
Approx. 148,000sf hollowcore plank,
209 precast pieces including:
Building #1
• 8” hollowcore plank (30,000sf)
• 12” hollowcore plank (30,000sf)
• 74 Columns
• 101 Beams
• 5 Special L shape walls
• 8 Stairs & Landings
• Wetcast slabs
Building #2
• 12” hollowcore plank (36,000sf)
Building #3
• 12” hollowcore plank (26,000sf)
Building #4
• 12” hollowcore plank (26,000sf)


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