SUNY Adirondack Student Housing

Hollowcore Chosen For It’s Safety–Acoustics–Flexibility
The use of precast concrete in multi-residential facilities allows architects and designers to take advantage of precast concrete’s attributes. These include energy efficiency, aesthetic compatibility, economy of design, speed of construction and low maintenance.

Construction on a $25.5 million dorm for the SUNY Adirondack campus has begun. This is the first residence hall at this campus and consists of two, 4-floor buildings with a center connector that provides housing for 400 students.

Precast concrete hollowcore plank’s speed of erection aids this project in meeting the Fall 2013 semester deadline. Oldcastle Precast, Inc., Selkirk, NY has supplied the 1,348 pieces of 8in. thick 4ft. wide hollowcore plank for the main buildings upper 3 floors (2nd, 3rd, and 4th.) Speed of construction was one of the benefits for choosing precast hollowcore planks. Two-hour fire rating and sound dampening were other attributes that assisted in the decision to go with a precast system.

Precast Aids in Aggressive Construction Schedule
This ground breaking began in April 2012 and the structure needed to be complete for Fall classes in 2013. Bette & Cring Construction Group, LLC, from Latham, New York is the contractor for the project. Bryan Lamansky, the project manager has worked with precast hollowcore planks in the past for several reasons. He has found that “this system goes non-stop whether you are in the middle of hot summer or a snowy, freezing, cold winter season.” In this case each floor consisting of 14,500sq.ft. of precast hollowcore plank (160 pieces) was erected in 2 days and grouted in another 2 days. One entire floor completed in just 4 days…speed of construction at its best.

Design-Build Approach Cost-Effective with Precast
The Design-Build project delivery system puts the design and construction services under one contract. According to Lamansky, using precast concrete hollowcore plank with a Design-Build approach made “the system cost-effective and gave the best value when we evaluated it against other construction systems.” High performance precast concrete utilizing hollowcore plank is an efficient building system, which requires minimal site disturbance and contributes little or no construction site waste. The students will have sustainable housing with a quiet open space that incorporates flexibility for future interior layout changes.

Building with a High Performance Precast Concrete system puts student housing on course for todays students as well as tomorrows.

Project Details










Adirondack Housing Authority LLC


Cannon Design Architects/Engineers, Grand Island, NY


Cannon Design Architects/Engineers, Grand Island, NY


Bette & Cring Construction Group, LLC

Sq. Footage:

116,500 sf 8" thick, 4'-0" wide hollowcore plank at the main building floors 2nd, 3rd, 4th and roof level.



Structural Precast Elements:

• 1348 pieces of 8" thick, 4'-0" wide hollowcore plank

Precast Benefits::

• Energy Efficiency
• Acoustic Efficiency
• Accelerated Construction
• Fire Resilient – 2hr fire rating


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