Enterprise IV Corporate Center - Parking Garage

Scinto also liked the idea of working with a single entity in providing the new combined structure. Blakeslee would not only manufacture all the structural components, but it also would erect the project, eliminating both additional material and erector companies. "The idea of single-source responsibility greatly appeals to me. Dealing with one entity is always easier than trying to coordinate several different contractors."

Scinto worked with Robert J. Vitelli, senior vice president at Blakeslee, to explore the different options and their potential. Those discussions solidified the notion in Scinto's mind. "While the initial sense was that the combined building would cost more due to the use of precast for all components, there was growing evidence that design and material efficiencies would cut this significantly."

For instance, the building required fewer elevators, since they would serve both structures. Another obvious advantage was that the increased spans possible with precast concrete eliminated columns in the garage, providing a safer parking area as well as cutting material cost, Scinto notes. The longer spans in the office building provided tenants with a more flexible use of space, as well. Also appealing was the idea that the reduced number of columns within the office building allows a tenant to get more use from smaller areas, thereby saving rental costs. These long-term marketing advantages will make the space easier to rent and attract tenants faster throughout its life, providing added cost savings.

Early Involvement Speeds Process

Design work began in earnest once the decision was made for the combined structure to be built entirely of precast components. Involving Blakeslee from the outset helped shorten the construction time for the new building, Scinto says. The contract for the manufacture and erection of the dual-use structure was awarded to the precaster in late December 2000. Precast erection began seven months later in late July 2001 and the project was completed in early May 2002.


Project Details










R.D. Scinto, Shelton, CT


Kasper Group, Bridgeport, CT

General Contractor:

R.D. Scinto Inc., Shelton, CT


Kasper Group, Bridgeport, CT

Sq. Ft.:

196,700 (Office Building)
173,000 (Parking Garage


5-story (Office Building)
4 levels (659 parking spaces)

Precast Structural Elements:

1149 total pieces (369,700 sf of precast concrete) including:
• 588 precast concrete Double Tees
• 163 precast concrete Spandrels
• 149 precast concrete Shear/K-walls
• 59 precast concrete Inverted T Beams
• 51 precast concrete Stair/Elevator walls
• 49 precast concrete Columns
• 38 precast concrete Stairs with integrated landings
• 30 precast concrete Wall Columns
• 22 precast concrete Solid Slabs


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